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November 01, 2002

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Our purpose here is to show specifically how a simple goal, like rowing a seven-minute two thousand meters, can not only be systematically and deliberately approached from multiple protocols, but can generally encourage similar thinking in pursuing other fitness milestones.

Set the rowing ergometer for two thousand meters, row, and note the time at completion. Repeated regularly, the time to complete the two thousand meters will fall. Eventually, you may pass under the seven-minute mark and become one of the “better rowers.” This is one obvious and common approach to training for a 7 minute 2K on a rower (2K/7).

Let’s look at another approach. Set the rower for seven minutes and row, and note the distance on completion. Gradually, the distance for the seven minutes will increase. Eventually, you may pass the two thousand meter mark and become one of the “better rowers.”

The two approaches, “distance priority vs. time priority,” represent distinct yet converging processes for reaching the 2K/7. These two approaches suggest a third: hold the rate constant for as much time or as many meters as possible.

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2 Comments on “Strategies for a 7 Minute 2K on the Concept II Rower”


wrote …

My doctor, a neurophysician told me about cross fit, so here I am.
I train ice hockey players at Midget AAA and Junior Major level.
I am very concern about the CrossFit approch and mainly this 2K/7

I know that the rowing exercice sollicitate close to 200 hundred muscles... if not over.

I like the way you present the challenge and I will include it in my next summer fit programm for my hockey players



wrote …

The "2K/7" is a great goal for most males. Few females that are not at a national team level will reach the 7 min. mark. 8 min. would be a good goal for most females.
Consider performing intervals slightly longer than the 2K test at a slightly slower pace. Say 2 or 3 x 3000m at 1:50 or 1:52 splits(for those trying for a 2K/7) with 5 mins rest between each.
Another day try intervals of 1500m at race pace, then 1000m 2 seconds faster than race pace, then 500m 4 - 6 seconds faster than race pace. Take 5 min. rest after each. Push it and you should not feel too good for a few minutes, but it will pay off.
Remember to warm up before either workout.


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