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Fast Food by Greg Glassman - CrossFit Journal

Fast Food

By Greg Glassman

In Nutrition

December 01, 2002

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One of the more common explanations for bad diet is being “too busy to eat right.” On the face of it this may seem plausible. There are a multitude of things that we are each too busy to do. It seems logical that there are more things that we don’t have time for than we do have time for because there are an infinite number of things to do, but we can only experience a finite number of them.

But because eating is not optional, the important question is not how much time it takes to eat right but whether it takes longer to eat right than to eat wrong? We thought an experiment was in order.

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6 Comments on “Fast Food”


wrote …

lol Even the dog knows!


wrote …

Awesome info. Used is as a guideline for my "fast food" lunch the other day. Got Deli turkey, apples, raw trail mix, and water $7.82 and was enough for two small meals!


Carrie wrote …

I think this piece is a classic. Great as a response to folks who "don't have time" to eat well.

BradB--cool. Just be careful with trail mix. If it has raisins and/or other dried fruit, it'll be loaded with sugar/carbs.


wrote …

wow..thats a great eye opener..


wrote …

Great article .I will be printing this one up to share with my team.


wrote …

Great article! CLASSIC!

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