Police Training

By Greg Glassman

In LEO/Mil

March 01, 2003

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CrossFit’s work enhancing sport performance, while exciting and even gratifying, sometimes feels too much like helping adults play children’s games. On the other hand, our work with seniors and little kids, while very rewarding, lacks the excitement surrounding elite human performance.

Our recent work and acceptance in the law enforcement, tactical operations, and military special operations communities has been both extremely gratifying and very exciting.

Increasingly, our readers are coming from the ranks of the professional combatant. They have come to CrossFit aware of the reality that, on average, the fitness challenges with which they are most likely to be faced will not be best met by a specialized, narrowly focused fitness. That is the sole domain of the sport athlete.

Incredibly, the fitness needs of professional combatants, police and military, have not been given the same quality analysis, commitment, or even funding that is generally given to sport.

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Ian Carver wrote …

Great article. I am true and tried believer of the fact that my fitness program, and dedication to it, are an integral part of my Officer Safety program. I have always been a highly driven and succesful athlete and 10 years ago when I came into Law Enforcement, I realized this job retained athletic/fitness requirements that needed to be maintained in order to be safe and succesful. Thank God for CF, becuase no other fitness methodology even comes close to preparing you for the real world. Being a K9 handler in a large metro agency in California, I place high physical demands on my body every day that are random in nature and in duration and intensity, so I am grateful to have CF on my duty belt. I wish this article was read by academy directors the world over and re-read by officers on the street on a regular basis. They are words and ideals to live by.

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