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The World's Fastest Lift: World Class Coaching LLC's Olympic Lifting Videotapes by Danny John - CrossFit Journal

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March 01, 2003

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I'll admit this: I have never seen a video that made me drive to the cobbler (or "shoe repairman" for you young ones) the next day. Yet, I found myself trying to explain to Kim, the nice young Korean man who added heels to my Olympic Lifting boots a year ago, to remove the extra heel. "I don't need it...I suddenly got more flexible."

Watching a video makes you more flexible? Well, it should sound a lot more complex; actually, it is really quite simple: Greg Glassman asked me to review World Class Coaching LLC's video The Snatch. Coach Glassman had been raving about it at the forum...and I said I would review it. But I just kept putting it off.

What could I learn? I mean, really, I have snatched 314 pounds in competition and I have a gold medal from last year's Masters Nationals. I mean, really, what could I learn?

How about this: I don't know nothing. Throughout the entire production, I scribbled notes, pressed pause and leaped up to try the "right" way to snatch. Steve Miller walks you through everything you need to know about the snatch. Miller's model, his wife, Loreen, has solid form, yet we keep flashing to images of the 1998 World Championships and the road ahead for Loreen and the viewer.

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Hey I tried to click on the link to go to his site, but got some Glam magazine bs. Might wanna check that out!

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