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Team Workouts by Greg Glassman - CrossFit Journal

Team Workouts

By Greg Glassman

In Workouts

October 01, 2003

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Team workouts can play as vital a role to the CrossFit program as individual workouts do, according to Coach Greg Glassman. In this article, Coach describes 30 team workouts in detail.

As a rule, Crossfit WODs do not always lend themselves to teamwork. A number of obstacles must be surmounted to successfully operate a team WOD. Accommodating a wide variety of capacities in a single group while challenging both elite and novice athletes equally takes a deep knowledge of scaling and programming. Working with an odd number of participants and/or equipment shortages and still preserving the character of CrossFit’s programming also presents a unique set of challenges.

A chalkboard or white board is an indispensable tool to motivating these team workouts. Results from all but one of the 30 workouts featured in this article can be perfectly quantified. It has been our observation that “throwing numbers on the board” creates a climate where everyone gives 100 percent.

Here’s just one example of a team workout:
Run, Thruster, Pull-up Circuit Races: This simple workout has one five-man team working and a second five-man team “coaching” and timing a circuit race of five rounds of a 400-meter run followed by 15 dumbbell thrusters with 40 pound dumbbells followed by 15 pull- ups. After the first team completes the five round circuit they “coach” and time for 5 rounds for the remaining athletes.

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wrote …

I love team WODs! At Crossfit Exile a group of us do a team WOD once a week. We usually let one person program a workout and tweak it once we all come together Friday afternoon. The high numbers in the workout make it easier to defeat some of the individual WODs. A workout that has 5 exercises at 150 reps each can feel like HELL but when it is accomplished through team work and enthusiasm it makes the normal WOD numbers seem miniscule. Again, I think team WODs help build camaraderie in the gym and show the reality of life that not everyone is strong and fast, some individuals are good at one thing while others are good at something else, it takes team work to get through life!


wrote …

Hi , Is there a workout list (PDF) made somewhere to train large numbers of athletes with little or no equipment . Love some help here..Cheers

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