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High School Phys Ed. by Tony Budding - CrossFit Journal

High School Phys Ed.

By Tony Budding

In Special Populations

October 01, 2004

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CrossFit is the ideal foundation for a high school physical education program. It is malleable, scaleable, great for large groups, fun, and effective. At Mount Madonna School in Watsonville, CA, we are able to accomplish a tremendous amount with very little space, time, and equipment. Our success, as measured by the kids’ enthusiasm, commitment, and progress, has been tremendous.


I’ve adapted the CrossFit approach and workouts to fit the high school environment, while preserving CrossFit's incredible diversity and self-motivated intensity. The first few weeks are designed to orient the kids to the core CrossFit movements, especially squats, pull-ups, push-ups, jumping, running, push presses, handstands, and kettlebell swings. Gradually, we will work in broomstick cleans and snatches. My hope and expectation is to have the advanced group doing standard CrossFit workouts by the end of the second month and to have elite students competing in the Olympic lifts within four to six months.

I usually spend some warm-up time on squat technique, and I try to introduce one new movement per workout. I spend a lot of time correcting their form while they are working out. My favorite workout so far was Deadfest 04.

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wrote …

I'm a PhysEd major finishing my degree right now and its great to see a teacher do something different to get kids motivated. keep up the great work and i'd love to see your curriculum one day.

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