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January 01, 2005

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How did you first become exposed to recovery and regeneration techniques?

My first focus on the recovery process was from my high school swim coach Peter Foley. He explained to us, the team, how to be a total athlete for 24 hours a day, not just 2. A total athlete was a person that organized their lifestyle to get a full night's sleep and not eat junk food. He understood the reality of the situation with student athletes not learning ways to juggle what I call the four S's. The four S's are Sleep, School, Sport, and Social.

If you distribute the hours among priorities of needs over wants, you can have it all in life. This process worked for me and I transformed myself from a neophyte to a part of three state championship swim teams. By just learning how to construct a foundation of principles and guidelines on doing the basics and being consistent, I could expand the individual basics and become more precise and more aggressive with modalities later. Don't build on quicksand by rushing to get into supplementation and soft tissue therapy.

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