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January 01, 2005

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At a recent workshop, Doctor Lonnie Lowry noted that we need to learn to "Quantify" recovery. Simply, we need a daily reminder and a daily checklist to make sure we are balanced in our fitness goals. Since this workshop, I have been having my athletes use a simple ten point scale: Nutrition (4 points): 2 points for a good breakfast, 1 point for two snacks, 1 point for two additional meals... for a total of 4 points. (Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner is a four point day.) I think "good" choices, the superfoods, are the key, but I will accept just about anything from an athlete who is just learning that success is more than just dinner and soft drinks each day. Sleep (3 points): 8 hours is 2 points. One or two hours more is 3, one or two hours less is 1 and less than that is none. Relationships (1 point): Things were good today: 1 point.

Fights, stress, break ups: No points, maybe even negative points.

"Alone" time (1 point): If the athlete had some time during the day to collect their thoughts and relax without any time or work or school issues... you get 1 point. You need to figure 15 minutes at least...but that is not on the internet, phone, or a car, either! Play time (1 point): If the athlete found some time in his or her day to simply laugh and enjoy themselves in the company of others...not with a television on nor a phone nor the get a point. Table conversation is the best, followed by old-fashioned games.,

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3 Comments on “Recovery: The Next Generation”


wrote …

This article couldn't be more confusing...

In this article there are 3 different syles of recovery "score keeping". Dan John's way that is written in the article. Lonnie Lowery Scale's way that has picture. And lastly, the chart that is given.

Each one of the 3 styles are unique having their own point system and categories.

It is very hard to follow along in the article when it is written this way. Even harder it is to implement it.

Please revise this article so it can understood/useful. Thanks.


wrote …

re: combination of heat/steam and cold showers:

I visited Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia when i was a sophomore in high school, 1993.

We visited the banya, the Russian bath house. You start in a a traditional dry wood sauna, then you jump in a body temp mineral bath, then into the "russian" sauna, or stem bath. while in the steam bath, you get whipped with leaveas and brances froma birch tree, which brings the blood to the surface of the skin and makes it intensely hot. then you jump in a freezing cold pool, then finally take a shower, wrap up in a towel or robe and then drink vodka and beer. quite the experience. but the change in temperature and humidity had a profound physical effect.


wrote …

Frankly I follow the research. Many, many credible journals have shown that a post exercise "recovery" meal comprised of 3:1 to 5:1 ratio of protein to simple carbs. If taken within 30 to 45 minutes after an intesne workouts it has been shown to reduce soreness, and increase performance on subsequent workouts. There are a TON of supplements on the market but the own with the best policies to back it is by far fluid. look it up it you want.

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