Digital Coaching

By Greg Glassman & Mike Burgener

In Basics

August 01, 2005

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The CrossFit community is thousands strong spread across a score of countries and populated with some of the most knowledgeable coaches and athletes in sport and strength and conditioning. Though strong, committed, and talented, the fact remains that our community is in large part connected by the Internet and diluted by geography. This, for many, means that opportunities for receiving inputs from our coaches are limited to text and getting to training events. Both have obvious limitations. It struck us recently that though we deal in tens of billions of bits of data monthly at, only very rarely does someone offer up photos or videotape of their training efforts for evaluation. This month we test and demonstrate coaching via digital inputs and offer an enticement to our friends to photograph or tape their efforts, post them to the CrossFit message board, and let the experts render feedback.

To test and demonstrate our digital coaching concept Tony Budding and Nicole Carroll each digitally photographed their Clean and Jerk and sent the photos to Coach Mike Burgener for evaluation. We're sharing the results of Mike's inputs here, and later this week we'll post these pictures to our message board in a section reserved for digital coaching. It'll be easy: get pictures of your effort, post them to the net, and stand by ready to receive the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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