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The Scoop & The Second Pull by Greg Glassman - CrossFit Journal

The Scoop & The Second Pull

By Greg Glassman

In Olympic Lifts, Reference

January 01, 2006

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Olympic weightlifters have been found to have higher vertical leaps and quicker 25-meter sprint times than any other athletes, including Olympic high-jumpers and sprinters.

The technical explanation for this is that the weightlifters have better "speed strength" than any other athletes. Speed-strength is defined as a combination of starting strength (ability to fire many muscle units instantaneously) and explosive strength (ability to keep these motor units firing once turned on).

The more useful explanation as to why they can out sprint and out leap all others is, quite simply, because they weightlift. (Weightlifting, remember, is the sport of Olympic lifting: the clean and jerk, and the snatch.)

So, weightlifting is unsurpassed in developing lightning-quick athletic movement and has enormous carryover to all explosive sport.

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2 Comments on “The Scoop & The Second Pull”


wrote …

I was looking for an explicit breakdown of the mechanics of the clean before doing some limit training (clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1) for the first time after doing the WODs as Rxd for the first month, and this article was exactly what I needed. I feel fortunate I read it before I hit this WOD today.


wrote …

Wow. I have been oly lifting for several years now and I don't think I'm doing this. I think I've been using the same movement from the kettlebell swings.

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