Validity of CrossFit Tested

By Greg Glassman

In CrossFit, LEO/Mil

January 01, 2006

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Last year the Royal Canadian Infantry School, CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick, Canada, tested the validity of the CrossFit concept against the extant Canadian Army fitness program (AFM).

U.S. and Coalition Forces personnel can contact Coach Greg Glassman ( for more information about the trial or CrossFit implementation, or to contact the Canadian Infantry School CrossFit Cell.

We want to thank the officers of the Canadian Infantry School and Instructors from PSP (Personnel Support Programs) for their incredible professionalism, warm hospitality, and commitment to state-of-the-art military physical training.

The summary and tables that follow were excerpted from the final report of the trial.

In March 2005 the Canadian Infantry School was authorized to conduct a physical fitness trial that would test the validity of the CrossFit concept using the AFM as the baseline model.

CrossFit develops the same aspects of fitness as the AFM - aerobic conditioning, muscular strength/ endurance, flexibility, and power.

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