By Jesse Woody

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March 01, 2006

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Parkour is quite simply the art of navigating any environment quickly, confidently, and effectively with only the capabilities of your body to aid you. It's easy to see that how well it matches the CrossFit tenets of function, intensity, and variance, but it may seem surprising that it can also be universally scalable and beneficial. The concepts of environmental awareness and adaptation are of infinite usefulness to every person. Whether you are a senior trying to recover from a random fall or a soldier escaping an ambush in an urban environment, Parkour techniques can be applied to a variety of situations.

By enhancing an awareness of your surroundings and building your confidence to overcome the obstacles throughout, you are given the key to a freedom that the untrained individual might never realize. To top it off, it's just plain fun! It requires nothing more than a good pair of shoes and an awareness of a safe and steady progression, so you will rarely be limited by lack of equipment. Instead, you will be able to apply the state of elite fitness we all strive for to any path of your choosing.

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wrote …

A guy in NYC who does Parkour:

And some hardcore French Parkour ers:


wrote …

Some good points about progressions and basics being applicable to everyone - much like gymnastics, it seems. But where are these progressions? I guess the American Parkour website would be helpful, but there wasn't even a link in this article.


replied to comment from Alex Stuart

At the end of the 2nd page in the short bio of the author is a link to the American Parkour website.
There are many articles on American Parkour's website, which I've only started exploring.

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