Parkour Part 3: Jumping

By Jesse Woody

In Parkour

July 01, 2006

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My last two articles dealt with the basics of vaulting technique; now it is time to take the body awareness gained from vaulting practice and apply it to developing jumping power, accuracy, coordination, and, above all, balance. Jumps are essential to parkour, as well as everyday life, because they are often the fastest, most efficient way to get from one point to another, especially when moving between surfaces or objects that are on different levels. The basic two-footed jump and landing are foundational skills that lead to many other techniques, so learning to do them correctly is extremely important to the progression of parkour training.

There is no standardized way to jump. The movement itself is so inherently human and natural that it’s ludicrous to assume that there is necessarily a right or wrong way to do it. Nonetheless, there are definitely a few points that will make jumping more efficient while assuring a good base for learning parkour movements that take the jump and expand it through more varied situations.



5 Comments on “Parkour Part 3: Jumping”


wrote …

There are few forms of exercise that equal the intensity of plyometrics my friend. Don't be so quick to judge.


Jesse Woody wrote …

Is that directed at me, or was there a comment that I missed? Personally I would never argue the intensity and efficacy of plyometrics, as that's a huge part of my training and the programs of those I train!


wrote …

No Sir. There used to be another comment before mine that must have dissapeared as it was somewhat negative in spirit. I was replying to him.


wrote …

Your statement may be a little misleading: There is no standard way to jump. Jumping is one thing, and not where the problems lie. It is in the landing that injuries occur. Women have the biggest problem. In fact women basketball players have 3.5 times the ACL tears than men do because of poor landing form!


lucas wrote …

Wow you guys must know alot about parkour,i started a few years ago and have learned alot but still there is so much more to learn,i was woundering if you had any tips or training ideas for precision jumping i always seem to fall faward when hitting the rail instead of being able to stop and balance myself.

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