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The AOFP CrossFit Austere Program by Greg Glassman, Wade Rutland, JT Williams - CrossFit Journal

The AOFP CrossFit Austere Program

By Greg Glassman, Wade Rutland, JT Williams

In LEO/Mil

August 01, 2006

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This article uses lists, charts, and photographs to describe the CrossFit Austere AOFP, a program that provides soldiers with an operational fitness routine that will produce the required physical, mental, and emotional fitness to be effective in today’s contemporary operating environment. The authors are Coach Greg Glassman and Capt Wade Rutland and Capt JT Williams of Canadian Forces.

The purpose of the nine-week program is to maintain or enhance combat fitness, while commercial equipment is not available during deployment or training. The program will provide an effective routine until follow-on equipment, such as Olympic bars and plates, are available. It is designed to be executed “anywhere, anytime”. All the required resources can be procured in theatre or easily packed into a couple of barrack boxes and deployed with the unit.

Equipment includes ammo cans of various kinds, LAV III tires, water jerry cans, sand bags, and a soccer ball filled with sand.

Workouts include: Ivan: Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of: 70 pound push press using 25mm ammo can (12 reps) and pull-ups (10 reps) Helen: Three rounds for time of: 400 meter run and 50 pound dumbbell swing, using .50 Cal. ammo can Gagetown: For time: run 400 meters, 70 pound thrusters using 25mm ammo can (21 reps), 30 pull-ups, run 800 meters, 70 pound thrusters using 25mm ammo can (21 reps), run 400 meters

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Wow. Awesome, Coach. Great info.


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Wow! Great article, Coach. I love to show people stuff like this; they hate it when I show them. No excuses!!


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This is what I was after. Still have no idea who here in PSP land is hoarding all the info you gave them.


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Awesome I have to print this out and keep working on my garage gym.

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