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Skill-Based Warmups for Groups by Tony Budding - CrossFit Journal

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September 01, 2006

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Training groups has several challenges, not the least of which is the disparity in experience, skills, and capacities among clients. Skill-based warm-ups can help bridge that gap while setting standards for technique and range of motion and developing coordination. Relatively new clients can learn the movements and sequences well enough to complete a related workout, and experienced clients can refine their skills or at least get a thorough warm-up.

Having the group do skill transfer exercises for the Olympic lifts (à la the Burgener warm-up) with a length of PVC pipe or dowel is a frequently the basis of warm-up sequences at CrossFit Santa Cruz. Another favorite is a medicine ball clean and jerk warm-up using the standard 14-inch Dynamax medicine balls (smaller diameter balls are difficult to jerk overhead properly).

After some mild monostructural movement (run, bike, row) and some dynamic stretching, clients select their medicine balls. We have a wide variety of weights (from 4 to 28 pounds), and most clients know what weight they need (in some cases, they might warm up with a lighter ball than they’ll use in the workout). We put the best-moving client in the middle and the others circle around.

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