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Swing 2: The Other Swings by Roger Harrell - CrossFit Journal

Swing 2: The Other Swings

By Roger Harrell

In Gymnastics/Tumbling

September 01, 2006

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In last month's swing article, I discussed the basic principles behind the swing and detailed the mechanics of three different swings. This article will examine several other swings. But, first, let's review the four fundamental factors involved in generating and maximizing swing:

-Maximizing momentum in the downward phase of the swing
-Maintaining momentum throughout the swing
-Maximizing the application of force against gravity on the upward phase of the swing
-Minimizing loss of speed in the upward phase of the swing

The basket swing
A basket swing is any swing in which your shoulders and body are piked so that your center of gravity lies between your shoulders and the anchor point of the swing. This swing is difficult to develop. It has a very short swing cycle, and a small deficiency in the mechanics can have a dramatic dampening effect on the swing. This swing can be performed either straddled or piked, but will be discussed primarily as piked in this article.

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