Three Levels of Dumbbell Squat

By Michael Rutherford

In Exercises

September 01, 2006

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For those of you who I have not had the privilege of meeting or speaking with in the past, I'm known around the CrossFit community as the dumbbell coach. My friend Greg Glassman has referred to me as the King of the Dumbbells, a title I carry with pride. I am excited to bring you additional insight to dumbbell training here and in future issues of the CrossFit Journal.

I find the dumbbell a most important tool in my own practice and I believe that you too can learn to use the dumbbell as an athlete and a coach, even more--and in more ways--than you probably do already. This unique tool has limitless application.

Advantages of dumbbells
Let's review some of the practical advantages of dumbbells as training tools

Coach friendly - You can work small to large groups of individuals with dumbbells. My record is 60 participants for a workout. I'm simply more relaxed when my athletes are working with dumbbells.

Athlete/client friendly - Working with dumbbells is far less intimidating than wielding a barbell.

Cost effective - No need to purchase weight trees, bar clamps, bars, or platforms--or mortgage the house to purchase the popular yet overrated kettlebell.

Universal application
- I can train the entire range of clients with a set of varied-weight dumbbells. I can challenge the Olympian, college grappler, and the soccer mom all at once.

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