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Learning the Olympic Lifts: The Stance by Mike Burgener & Tony Budding - CrossFit Journal

Learning the Olympic Lifts: The Stance

By Mike Burgener & Tony Budding

In Olympic Lifts

November 01, 2006

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All of the Olympic lifts (the snatch, the clean, and the jerk) are nothing more than a jump and a land. The jump is a vicious extension of the ankles, knees, and hips that creates momentum and elevation on the barbell. In the brief moment that the barbell becomes weightless from that jump, the lifter aggressively pulls (or pushes, in the jerk) himself under the bar and lands with it in the receiving position.

As simple as this may seem, there are many components to successfully jumping and landing with weight and many common obstacles that make it hard to move and receive heavy weights. This article is the first of a series in which I’ll talk about single aspects of the lifts in detail, along with common faults and effective remedies.

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17 minutes. May have missed one set. Lost count part way through.


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Michael Stehle wrote …

Nice one guys. Very well explained and easy to understand. Thank you.


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Good stuff!


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Hi Thanks for the great articles!

Tried to download this article “Learning the Olympic Lifts: The Stance” but the pdf won't download. Can somebody help? Broken link?

Many thanks for your help with this.


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