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November 01, 2006

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Mechanics, consistency, and intensity are the three pieces of a complete foundation for a safe learning progression in any new endeavor. Many of the elements inherent in the gradual and progressive creation of elite general physical preparedness apply equally to the pursuit of more specific skills and goals, including parkour, the ability to navigate your environment functionally, confidently, and safely in a variety of situations.

This month, I have collected into a single reference document the fundamental parkour moves I discussed in greater detail throughout the past eight issues.

I intend this to serve as a kind of “getting started” reference manual for parkour, outlining a progression for learning proper technique that enhances both the safety and the efficacy of the movements when applied to the varied challenges you may face.

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10 Comments on “Parkour Basics: A Compendium”


wrote …



Daan Smit (Bubblemaker) wrote …

Marvellous! Really, I'm proud of you :D


jesse Woody wrote …

Thanks! I've thoroughly enjoyed my experience writing for Crossfit! I hope to keep it up for a good while yet :D


Pedro Braga wrote …

Good job!

can I post it in the Portuguese Parkour community forum?

It's an excelent article for everyone that is starting in the art of movement.


ExLabordiner wrote …

Please, give me contact address (email or msn) of this site administrator...


wrote …

Very well done and meticulously built breakdown (oxymoron?)

My personal thoughts were to not allow myself to focus too much on the inter-step details; pure instinct, unhindered by the fractionally efficient and erronous thought process, is ingrained in us all. By stimulating and utilizing this meditative-like state I feel that we can better grow, and in a more self-unified fashion.. for parkour anyways ;)


NetExpece wrote …

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wrote …

Hi Jesse, I've downloaded the pdf file of basic parkour. It's amazing, I've learned lots of useful techniques. It's really helpful for me as I sometimes need to apply this kind of things into my real life. Thanks for sharing and let us learn.

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