Bike Control Basics Part 3

By Scott Hagnas

In Sports Applications

December 01, 2006

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Last month, we looked at ways to get up onto some objects that you might find in your path. Now, it's time to come back down. We will be using some of the same techniques that we used to ascend the obstacles, and some more of the static skills from part 1 will come in to play as well.

Just as with getting onto objects, be sure to master these techniques from very low obstacles to start. A curb works well. You want to make sure that you have the skills down pat before attempting higher drops. Also, keep in mind that landing on hard surfaces is less forgiving than landing on softer ones. As you take these skills to higher or more unpredictable objects, you will crash now and then. Prepare yourself accordingly. Learn to bail when things go awry. Don't go down with a sinking ship! You'll usually know that you are in trouble the moment you drop.

Try not to ride over your head. If you are not feeling comfortable with a line or drop, it is best to wait until later when you have the skill or confidence. Freezing or panicking in the middle of a line is a sure recipe for disaster (see video). Stay as relaxed as possible.

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