Improving Your Swing Part 2

By Jeff Martone

In Kettlebells

December 01, 2006

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The mechanics of the deadlift and the importance of achieving and maintaining lumbar and thoracic back extension during the deadlift are also essential when performing Olympic lifts or kettlebell swings, cleans, and snatches. The same holds true for Coach Burgener’s definition of the Olympic lifts as "a vicious extension of the ankles, knees, and hips that creates momentum and elevation on the barbell." This same "vicious extension" also takes place in the jumping movements of gymnastics and parkour. One movement, many applications—now, that’s inspiring.

Last month I covered three drills to improve your body mechanics, range of motion, power, and efficiency of movement as applied to the two-handed Russian kettlebell swing. Adding the wall squat, hip flexor recruitment drill, and hip flexor stretch that I describes into your daily warm-up should lead to a noticeable increase in your "jumping" performance. The kettlebell should feel lighter and move faster with less perceived effort.

This month I will discuss a few additional kettlebell swing errors and their remedial drills, and then move on to the power swing and American swing.

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