The Yin and Yang of the Back

By Michael Rutherford

In Medical/Injuries

December 01, 2006

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If you believe the data, over 50 percent of the U.S. adult population are dealing with back problems. Having a personal history of lower back issues and frequently working with athletes in the same boat, I have been motivated to find effective movements to keep the back strong and functional.

In this installment of my dumbbell series, I present two movements that I have found to be effective in my training practice. The two movements I speak of are the Romanian deadlift (RDL) and Tommy Kono's back-loosening deadlift. I refer to these two movements as the yin and yang of the back; together, they complement one another to work the back through both extension and flexion, in both fixed and dynamic positions, and both in isolation and in concert with the rest of the posterior chain of muscles.



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wrote …

strained my back(extensors 3 weeks ago, and out of all the streching Ive done these exercises are healing me up quick....... in a couple of weeks Ill be crossfitting again, THANKS.

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