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One-Arm Swings and Beyond by Jeff Martone - CrossFit Journal

One-Arm Swings and Beyond

By Jeff Martone

In Kettlebells

January 01, 2007

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In the last two issues, I discussed the mechanics and fundamental movements of the two-arm kettlebell swing. Through proper, regular practice, your swing should now be more efficient, consistent, and powerful. Now it's time to move to the next progression: the one-arm swing.

Performing the kettlebell swing with one arm at a time makes it a more demanding exercise, even though the technique is the same as for the two-arm swing. You will quickly notice increased demands on your grip strength and stamina as well as increased core activation. In addition, any previously undetected technical deficiencies will soon become obvious. For these reasons, I highly recommend that you practice one-arm swings with a lighter kettlebell. If one is not available, then it is better to practice more sets with fewer repetitions in each.

Strive to work as hard as possible, while staying as fresh as possible. Fatigue is counter-productive when learning new skills.

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