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February 01, 2007

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Once you have mastered the two-arm swing, H2H Swing, and Swing Release, it's time to move to the next progression: H2H (hand-to-hand) tapping drills. These drills are excellent for increasing your hand-to-eye coordination, hand speed, dynamic grip strength, and work capacity. When learning new H2H drills, it is best to practice multiple sets of low reps using a light kettlebell. Grass, sand, or a firm mat provide the best surface for such training. Develop skill first. Initially, the goal is mastery, not a workout. The "workout" will be a byproduct of practicing and perfecting H2H skills.

Tapping Drill #1: Swing Release and Tap Chest

Warm up with a series of two- arm swings and Swing Releases as described in the last issue of the CrossFit Journal (#53). As you become comfortable with those, it's time to progress through the "crawl-walk-run" phases to master the H2H tapping drills. Crawl Phase Using one light kettlebell, perform:
1. One repetition of the two- arm swing (photo 1).
2. One repetition of the Swing Release (photo 2).
3. One repetition of the Swing Release & Tap Chest. As soon as your hands let go of the kettlebell, quickly tap your chest (with the fingertips of both hands) and re-grip the kettlebell handle before it drops to below chest level (photos 3 and 4).
4. Repeat steps 1 through 3.

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