Snatch Assistance Exercises

By Mike Burgener with Tony Budding

In Olympic Lifts

February 01, 2007

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Last month, we covered the Burgener warm-up, a sequence of six movements that ends in a high-hang power snatch with a length of PVC pipe or dowel. Whereas the full snatch, which begins with the bar at the ground and involves receiving the weight in a full squat with the bar locked out overhead, can be quite challenging, just about everyone can learn to do a high-hang power snatch with PVC, regardless of strength and flexibility.

This month's article is about teaching the four main skill-transfer exercises: the overhead squat, pressing snatch balance, heaving snatch balance, and snatch balance. All four exercises are part of the full snatch movement. Done with PVC, they train the body in the mechanics of dynamically handling a bar overhead. Performed with progressively heavier barbells, they physically prepare the body for the full squat receiving position in the snatch.

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hi i recently suscript to the site and journal and i really appreciate all the information because help me a lot...i live in honduras and i do several routines from you're modality and help me so a close future i hope take the courses for certificate.
sergio villalba

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