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By Tony Leyland

In Basics

March 01, 2007

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Do your friends and family think you are a little crazy for doing CrossFit? At the very least I think that the majority of CrossFitters are viewed as a group highly devoted to elite fitness, conscious of their bodies and diets, and perhaps "taking it all a bit too far." My wife thinks my love of CrossFit is all part of my midlife crisis but harmless enough—despite the fact that I spent a couple thousand dollars on my garage gym. (Of course, with a good friend getting a classic Lotus Elan when he turned 50, my wife thinks she is way ahead.)

Maybe seeing the term "Forging Elite Fitness" on the website is why some view CrossFit as being for a select few, but I would suggest the main reason is the standard understanding that "fitness for health" means traditional cardio exercise and maybe some low-weight, high-repetition resistance training (with machines and/or springs).

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