Body Shots

By Becca Borawski


April 01, 2007

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While kicks to an opponent's head and one-punch knockouts might make for great highlight reels, less dramatic-looking punches to the body can drop an opponent with stunning pain. A memorable example of this in boxing is the 200px4 Bernard Hopkins vs. Oscar de la Hoya match. Nine rounds into the fight, Hopkins landed a devastating blow to de la Hoya's side that dropped him and left him pounding on the canvas, unable to stand.

In last month's article on the left hook, I talked about the three distances between opponents--long, middle, and tight. There are also multiple levels from which a fighter can throw strikes. In boxing, a fighter can work the head and body. In kickboxing or Mixed Martial Arts, a fighter can target the head, body, and legs.

In this month's article, part three of a four- part series on striking, we'll look at the middle level of striking--to the body. Again this month, boxer and kickboxer Bridgett "Baby Doll" Riley demonstrates the moves in the photographs.

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