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May 01, 2007

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Now that you have had thirty days since last month's dumbbell article to work on your plank position, push- up and row, and vertical to horizontal movements, it's time to add other plank variations to the mix. I consider these to be more advanced, as they intensify the requirement to maintain a tight plank position with no sagging or piking. This article and its demo videos assume mastery of the plank variations from Part I of the "Dumbbells from the Plank" series in CrossFit Journal issue 56.

Roving variations

Roving dumbbell planks add a dynamic component to the plank position. From the plank position with dumbbells we rove or travel laterally. One can travel forward and backward, but my experience with the move indicates that the plank position generally becomes compromised when trying to move forward and backward on a dorsiflexed foot.

Roving dumbbell planks begin, as the name implies, in a plank position with the hands on dumbbells. From here, step out to the left side with the left hand and then the left foot. For a moment you are in a suspended spread eagle position, until you step in the same direction with the right hand and then the right foot, returning to you to the plank position you began in.than simply a number of steps to complete, and it allows for individual variation in step size.

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