By Becca Borawski


May 01, 2007

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Anyone who watches modern mixed martial arts is bound to have a love for kicks. A well executed kick catches an opponent off guard and can be debilitating. Kicking is powerful and effective, whether as a series of low kicks to the leg that slowly chop down the opponent or as one swift kick to the head that ends the fight. While most people are familiar with traditional boxing, the popularity of mixed martial arts over the past couple of years has brought more attention and interest in kickboxing and other similar arts as well.

The fourth and final installment of this series on boxing and kickboxing techniques focuses on two different types of kick--the push kick and the roundhouse kick. Once again, as I describe the techniques, Bridgett "Baby Doll" Riley demonstrates proper form in the photographs. Bridgett is a former world champion boxer and a five-time world champion kickboxer. She trains and works at the world- famous Wild Card Boxing Gym in Hollywood, California, and also works as a stuntwoman and actress.

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