The Turkish Get-up Part 2

By Jeff Martone

In Kettlebells

June 01, 2007

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I hope that Part 1 of this series, in last month’s Journal, motivated you to practice and experience the benefits of the Turkish get-up (TGU). Now let’s build on that foundation. Last month you learned the "arm-bar" stretch and the tactical TGU. In this issue, we will move on to the gladiator and explore implement alternatives for when kettlebells aren’t readily available.

The Gladiator
This move is a tremendous core and stabilizer strengthening exercise that seamlessly blends into the tactical Turkish get-up. To begin, grab a kettlebell and perform the sit-up portion of the tactical TGU.

Then, from the sit-up position:

1. Press the shoulder of your support hand (the hand that is on the ground) away from your ear. This is an important but often overlooked step. It puts your shoulder in a strong position. It keeps the shoulder "active," as when you are performing dips on parallel bars.

2. Simultaneously press off that support hand and your posted foot, lifting your hips off the floor. This will create the space necessary to slowly extend your left leg in front of you. The side of your foot is pressed firmly against the ground, and the knee on that leg is straight.

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