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July 01, 2007

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As you look everywhere in the sporting world you see athletes performing sports with a rotational component. In sports such as baseball, tennis, and golf, the athlete must transfer ground forces through the middle of the body to the upper extremities. Without getting into physics involved, suffice it to say that those with weaker rotational strength and experience will not be as successful and will most likely end up with aches, pains, and possibly even injuries. A little preparation and prevention goes a long way.

In this month's Dumbbell Coach article, I present the three-step process I use for improving rotational strength and health.

Step 1: Get good at overhead squats. The first step in developing rotational strength is to get weight above the head. This triggers the musculature about the lumbar region to work in stabilizing the area. Basic strength in this area lays a good foundation for more complex moves and additional strength-endurance conditioning later. athlete can correct potential problems or avoid injury. Overhead squatting your bodyweight on a barbell for fifteen reps or performing a single rep with bodyweight plus 25 kg is a sign of elite ability.

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