July 01, 2007

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For this month's article I traveled to Temecula, California, to spend a day with Dan Henderson and his fighters at Team Quest. Dan recently achieved the historic feat of earning both the welterweight and middleweight Pride titles. Although over the course of his Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) career he has evolved into a well rounded fighter, wrestling was Dan's original sport. A member of two Olympic teams, Dan is an accomplished and decorated Greco-Roman wrestler. This month's technique will be the first of two wrestling takedowns Dan will demonstrate for us.

This move begins with Dan getting his right arm in an underhook on his opponent, Thierry. This means Dan's right arm goes underneath his opponent's and his hand comes back up and over the shoulder. Dan has a firm grip on Thierry's deltoid with his right hand. Thierry's arm is lying in the bend of Dan's arm, not up on Dan's shoulder. With his left hand, Dan has a collar tie--with his left hand on the back of Thierry's neck and his elbow in Thierry's chest.



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