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On Being a Trainer by Greg Glassman - CrossFit Journal

On Being a Trainer

By Greg Glassman

In CrossFit, Videos

August 01, 2007

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Coach Glassman addresses a group of trainers-in-training on what it means to be a good trainer and why it matters. How successful you are--how good you are--he argues, is entirely up to you. While competency in the mechanics is the sine qua non of training, one of the differences between good and great trainers is passion. Passion for movement, for people, for spreading knowledge. It is not about marketing or a great business plan, or having the perfect space, or any of the other accoutrements. It's about loving what you do, caring enough to do it right, and, ultimately, sharing your knowledge as broadly as possible.

"Leverage your efforts," he says. "Talk to anyone who will listen to you about what it is that you do. But only if you love it--if you can get up and say Man, I want to show you something really cool. It's the squat. It's unbelievable. It's the simplest, most overlooked thing in the world. If you feel and believe that and can express that with passion, people are going to follow you anywhere. And they'll throw money at your feet."

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12 Comments on “On Being a Trainer”


wrote …

That's my problem Coach, I would do it for free and most of the time I do.
I have a difficult time expecting to be paid for the time that I spend doing something that I love!
How do I build a business with too much of that good thing?


wrote …

Excellent on target practical lecture clip. My wife Kim and I could not agree more with each talking point presented. F%$*ing GREAT.
Coach Walker & Kim


wrote …

Great lecture, i'm in school to be a trainer right now and i see tons of people just going through the motions. It kinda scares me that these people will be graduating and given "permission" to train people. Keep up the great web site. I hope to be coming out to a seminar as soon as i'm done with school.


wrote …

do you think that it is important for the trainers to do the WOD with their clients? I do understand your situation and I can understand if there is a trainer out there that can't participat due to an injury but if you are of able body, how important is it to do the WODs where your clients can see?


Ronald Fielder wrote …

This video has helped me so much with my approach to running my groups. Thanks!


wrote …

The CrossFit Journal is the most useful, practical information available to the general public. I call it "the bible", a reference for guidance, inspiration and education! Thank you Greg and Lauren and to all who continue to contribute!


Adam Kayce wrote …

Great video; dang, I'm all fired up now.

Kimberly, if I may... it's about seeing the value in what you give, and charging for it.

Can you look yourself in the mirror and say, "What I give is worth $100/hour."? If not, why not? What little voices pop into your head and tell you that who you are and what you have isn't worth the money?

Beat those voices, and you'll have no problem whatsoever (I know this from experience, btw).

And Chris, I'm right there with you. I love the Journal; it blows me away every time.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

Coach - this article rocked the mother f**in' house!

thanks brother!



replied to comment from chris randazzo

To Chris Randazzo (comment number 4)

On the main website click on "Exercises and Demos".
You'll find the "CrossFit Video Menu"
click on "Affiliate Blog Videos"
and scroll down to "Interviews".

Look for "Annie Interview Pt II (Do you work out with clients?)"

I think she gives an excellent answer to your question.


replied to comment from chris randazzo

Chris, great questions, Coach and Lauren have written previously, here, about your question:

"(Imagine the decline in standards for those trainers who are participating in their classes while trying to lead them. We see this too often, and the training is always substandard.)"

IOW - they recommend against doing the workouts with clients. Same as in Annie's interview above.



wrote …

this is one of the best videos i have seen. it was great to hear coach say that you should feel like 'wow i'd do this for free'. i often catch myself thinking 'holy shit i get paid to do this?' i've gotta get working on presenting the 2:1 sessions to my clients rather then having to turn them away due to lack of space in my schedule. thanks for this great video and for the new journal layout.


wrote …

I'd do it for free coach...

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