The First CrossFit Games

By Dale Saran

In Competition

August 01, 2007

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Arrival--June 29

I drop my bags in my hotel room and decide to head back out to get something to eat. It's getting late and I've been traveling since 0430. As I pass the desk, I see a group of people walking out to the parking lot, as well, a loose mix of men, women, and kids. I am almost certain they are CrossFitters. The CrossFit Games begin tomorrow morning, and the women in this group look fit--not Swiss Ball, step-aerobics, Kate Moss-type fit, mind you, but pull-up, clean-and-jerk, kettlebell-swing fit. Nice.

After dinner I get lost on a reconnaissance of the Games' location--I drive right by the road that the games are on. As I run out of sunlight, I finally find the site and get a brief glimpse of where the Games will be: the giant pull-up bar station on the side of a warehouse-looking building is the giveaway. My hands itch involuntarily. My calluses aren't where they need to be, as I've taken a few weeks off due to some injuries and a jiu-jitsu tournament a week ago. Darn.

Back in my hotel room, I'm a little anxious as I lie in bed staring at the ceiling. I really should relax. I have no illusions about winning anything. I have been doing CrossFit and posting on the WOD blog for over a year and a half now, and these same people that I have been watching on video clips, reading about in workout time posts, and learning from, are a class above me in fitness. I just don't want to embarrass myself. Please let me not finish last, I think as I doze off.

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