A Large-Group Workout Solution

By Michael Rutherford

In Workouts

September 01, 2007

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The group workouts I offer have now taken on a life of their own. I'm frequently pulling in upward of 30 athletes in my 6:00am group. The more I say "Sorry, no more room," the greater the requests become. At the least, this has been an interesting sociology experience.

Before you spit up in your mouth or fly the bird at the page, thinking I'm honking my own coaching horn, let me explain. I tell you this because as this CrossFit culture grows, other trainers and affiliates will be faced with some dilemmas. Your groups will verge on the unmanageable. Trust me, they are coming.

As I have matured in this fitness coaching profession, I've learned that the simplest of movement combinations yield the greatest results. The Rutherford Postulate states, "As the group increases in size, the complexity of the workout diminishes." Unless you have associate trainers all around you, or a group of very experienced, well trained, and skilled athletes, it is difficult to coach complicated movements and unwise (and often impractical) to orchestrate a workout that involves five, six, or seven different exercises and/or pieces of equipment. For me, the dumbbell continues to be the tool of choice for these kinds of groups.

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