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CrossFit Training for Law Enforcement: Jacksonville Five Years Later by TJ Cooper and Phil Canto - CrossFit Journal

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September 01, 2007

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After several years of providing CrossFit training to law enforcement personnel at varied stages in their careers, I have picked up a few things that might be beneficial to those among you preparing to do the same. I would like to share with you the process of CrossFit implementation, sustainability, and improvement that we use for training recruits at the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. Much of what I have to say may be what you are already doing. If that is the case, then see this as confirmation of your approach. For those of you hoping to implement similar programs at your agencies, I hope this description of our program and principles will be a useful example.


In 2001, Greg Glassman came to Florida to give a CrossFit seminar for the Florida Police Corps at the request of Training Specialist Derek Ray. At the time, as a sergeant in the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, I had been running a parallel program in the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and Florida Community College's Basic Law Enforcement (BLE) Program. The CrossFit program I was implementing had been quietly supported, tweaked, and tested via correspondence and advice from Coach Glassman; recruits in both programs were showing remarkable results. (See "Police Training" in CrossFit Journal issue #3 [March 2003].) In fact, the program was indeed "forging elite fitness" among our recruits, just as its founder promised. Now, in 2007, the program continues. This article describes our current implementation and standards for recruits from day one to graduation. As reported in the March 2003 issue of the CFJ and recorded in our internal documents, CrossFit led to a reduction in injuries among recruits.

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