Human Weapon System

By Robert Smith M.D.

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September 01, 2007

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Robert Smith is an M.D. and the medical director of Direct Action Medical Network, a group of physicians providing medical training and support to organizations that work in high-risk, remote, and/or austere areas. In this video, he talks about the tactical and safety benefits that people working in such environments can gain from understanding the body as a human weapon system. There are significant advantages of training the whole human body in ways that engage natural abilities and hard- wired instincts, and these techniques are underutilized in most kinds of combat training. Thinking of the body as a human weapon system is about integrating medical and physiological knowledge into combative wisdom. It's about having faith in our physiology.

In any combat system, your equipment has to be properly tuned, and in this case, the equipment is the body. Tuning it means being prepared to utilize it optimally--being trained and conditioned to handle the unexpected, physically and mentally. You have to train the way you're going to fight: with intensity, and in accordance with the body's natural functions of perception, reaction, and response. The relevance to martial arts, self-defense, and athletics is obvious.



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wrote …

Doc Smith is the man. I had the pleasure of spending part of a weekend w/ him a few months after this video was shot, and talked all manner of things, including CrossFit, SPEAR, guns, horses... I think I showed him a couple of new 1911 tricks on top of it, too... heh heh...


wrote …

I just got home from the 1 Inch to 100 Yards Warrior Conference in Reno, NV. I took Dr. Smith's class because one of the other classes I wanted to take got cancelled and the topic looked good. I was blown away but his enthusiasm, energy, knowledge, and the information he provided. The Human Weapon System should be taught to all law enforcement and military personnel.

Some of the information I knew from different experiences, readings and training, but through his unique knowledge and experience, he brings the information together and presents it in a way that makes my dim light bulb burn brighter.

I got but a taste of it and it left me wanting more. I hope to get additional training from Dr. Smith in the future.


replied to comment from David Re

Would you know how I can contact Dr. Smith. I would like to speak to him about his class.


replied to comment from Tony Ognissanti


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