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Ring Row Variations by Tyler Hass - CrossFit Journal

Ring Row Variations

By Tyler Hass

In Gymnastics/Tumbling

September 01, 2007

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In my last article (issue 58), I discussed the ring row. It is an excellent horizontal pulling exercise and great for correcting muscle imbalances common in a lot of lifters. This month, I have some fun variations on the ring row for you. They incorporate variations on the basic movement pattern, and some also require more stabilization across the body and rotational strength.

Reverse row

This variation on the row targets an unusual movement pattern. In this variation, you will start in the usual position at an angle under the rings, with your arms fully extended, your heels on the ground, and your body held in a tight plank. Row the rings back behind your head with your palms facing your head. The movement pattern is similar to throwing a ball backwards.

Extended reverse row

The extended reverse row is similar to the regular reverse row, except you perform it with your arms kept straight throughout the movement. It is a good assistance exercise for learning how to swing on rings. It also taxes the posterior chain from top to bottom and can help to improve overhead stability in overhead squats. Most people are by far the weakest pressing backwards in the overhead position.

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