Strength on the Mat

By Gant Grimes


September 01, 2007

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Physical strength may or may not be the most important thing in life, as Rip says, but there is no questions that is vitally important in martial arts, especially judo. Judo, like any worthwhile sport, favors strong, fit athletes with good technique. While some martial arts, like Brazilian jiu-jitsu, are highly technique-driven, Judo requires strength, power, and conditioning--in addition to technique--to be successful.

Gerald Lafon, a United States Judo Association Master Coach, explains that Judo has thirteen major variables, basic psychomotor skills, agility, kinesthetic awareness, techniques, flexibility, endurance, strength, speed, power, health, mental skills, tactics, and environment (very much like CrossFit, except you beat up other people). players with many more months and years of experience.

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Is this guy a Judo coach really??

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