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October 01, 2007

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Combatives and self-defense expert Tony Blauer presents part 2 of the scenario-based conditioning lecture and demo that we left off with in the August issue.

Blauer argues that effective combat and self-defense tactics--and training--should work with the body's natural movement patterns and instinctual responses to attack and fear. Scenario-based training is all about harnessing those instincts and conditioning the mind to working under high-stress physical and mental conditions.

Part 1 talked about adapting some of the basic functional movements we're all familiar with to the tactical environment to create a warm-up designed with defensive training in mind. This month, Blauer presents a fuller scenario-based workout for training "functional fighting fitness."



2 Comments on “Combative Fitness Part 2: The Workout”


wrote …

That looks like fun! Going to start using visualisation methods described immediately. Look out bad guys!


William Reuter wrote …

Awesome, Tony is by far one of my all time favorite Fighting Coaches! Realistic Fighting Training and Crossfit are a PERFECT BLEND!

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