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Jump Rope Basics Part 1: Preparation by Buddy Lee - CrossFit Journal

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October 01, 2007

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When I was training as a wrestler for the 1992 Olympic Games, the jump rope, along with many of the kinds of functional training exercises embraced by CrossFit, were the keys to my development into one the quickest, most explosive, and most highly conditioned wrestlers in the world. I believe that CrossFit's fitness principles of functionality, intensity, and variety are taking us back to the basics and setting the standards that can help our nation to regain its health. Jump rope can be an important part of fitness and sports training, providing key advantages in developing dynamic balance, speed, quickness, agility, coordination, concentration, and cardiorespiratory efficiency.

Misconceptions about jump rope

Many people think jump rope is so simple that any rope and material will do and that instruction is not necessary.

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