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Efficient Running: The Pose Method by Michael Collins - CrossFit Journal

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December 01, 2007

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I have been a swimming coach for over twenty years, and in the swimming world most people understand the importance of technique for becoming a great swimmer. However, in the running world the main focus is on training harder, longer, or faster, and people seem to think you just "naturally" learn to run correctly by doing a lot of it.

Most of the running books I have checked out spend a lot more time on the training of running instead of the technique of running. Even the books that have technique sections don't teach it in a simple-to-follow progressive pattern. Most think of running as more of a conditioning sport than a technique sport like golf or tennis. It is more aerobically based than those two sports, but running with poor form will increase your heart rate and keep you slow, regardless of how much running you do, as well as potentially cause injuries. Technique greatly affects the heart rate and efficiency. Learning to run with efficient technique is a critical skill to economy running.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the Pose Method of running, but many don't know what it means or what it is about. This article will answer some of those questions.

What is the Pose Method? The Pose Method is a system of human movement and teaching based on determining the key pose in a movement complex and then working with the laws of nature instead of against them.

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