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December 01, 2007

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In a companion piece to the articles by Collins and MacKenzie in this issue, triathlete and multisports coach Michael Collins explains how to work with, rather than against, the natural forces at play in nonsprint running. Gravity, ground reaction, muscle elasticity, muscle contraction, torque, and momentum are the key factors. However, the technique of many, if not most, runners is such that they are always fighting these elements rather than harnessing them to their advantage.

The Pose method for running is all about understanding the biomechanics and physics involved in maximizing efficiency (and minimizing impact on the body) to enable you to run farther faster. Once you understand and can harness the three pieces of the running movement--the pose (or posture), fall, and pull--running becomes an entirely different beast.

Michael Collins is the first level-4 certified Pose Method Coach and also trains and certifies other coaches in the Pose Method. He owns Multisports Orange County in California and is head coach for Orange County's Nova Masters swimming program. He can be reached at or 949-338-6682.



12 Comments on “Intro to the Pose Method for Distance Running”


wrote …

Is there a part II of this intro anywhere on the journal?


wrote …

Makes me run tmrw :)


wrote …

Does anyone know if there is a part II


wrote …

Absolutely amazing to think how I was so far off base in how to run efficiently. There may not be a part two as the message of the mechanics was delivered? Just a guess.


wrote …

Hey not sure of the file has been moved or its my proxy server, but its only downloading 2 bytes, and its not displaying anything when i open the file.



replied to comment from Ben Stanton

yeah sorted cheers


wrote …

So, what was the answer for Part II?? I mean, this alone is amazing and will really help drop my run times, I can't imagine what part II could do for me!!


wrote …

This was AWESOME! I didn't want to spend the money to buy the POSE books, so I was trying to get the basics of it by reading through threads and articles. This video single handedly showed me everything I need to know to begin teaching myself this method. It is great. A+++++

I can't wait to get out in the morning and try it out.

Thank you Crossfit.


wrote …

This is a great video. I would really like to see a Part II!


wrote …

This video should be posted every few weeks on the main site...the instruction is second to none. It made me want to get out and practise my running technique straight away.
Thank you Coach Collins, and of course Crossfit.


wrote …

Compared to the various other CF introductions, this video gave the best practical explanation of the POSE method. I also found Dr R's hill running introduction very useful.


wrote …

I think most people believes there is a second part to this video because there are two preview videos posted on Crossfit Endurance. However this video here contains both of the preview videos and more. So no need to worry about missing out on something.

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