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Partnering with a Martial Arts Dojo by Matt Swift - CrossFit Journal

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December 01, 2007

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Spend time browsing the threads on the affiliate section of the CrossFit message board and you will quickly discover that many new affiliates sooner or later face the same dilemma: "Should I set up my own box or work out of an existing gym?" Neither option appears particularly attractive when starting out. Setting up your own box seems dauntingly expensive and sends waves of doubt through even the most hardened business mind. "What if no one turns up?" Likewise, working out of a gym is fraught with frustration when the realization sinks in that very few gyms will allow chalk, handstands on the wall, grunting, or dropping weights. So, although having your own box is the ultimate dream of most new affiliates, and renting space from a gym is an obvious stepping stone, in the beginning, neither option really appeals.

Well there is another option, and it's one that we at CrossFit Brisbane stumbled on by accident. It has proven to be the best of both worlds, providing the feel of our own box while minimizing our initial outlay. While we were in the midst of trying to resolve the "where should we set up shop" dilemma, one of our clients suggested that we talk to the local martial arts dojo, and from the moment we walked in, it was clear that we had found the ideal home for our start-up phase.

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2 Comments on “Partnering with a Martial Arts Dojo”


wrote …

Thanks for the great read. I am looking to affiliate and actually open a crossfit/mma training facility with some fighters i know and actually cater to the clubs around me that don't has strength, agility and performance training available their fighters. THanks gain for all the information on sharing space with these types of athletes.


replied to comment from jon hoberg


I'm teaming up with a Mixed Martial Arts Institute; the owner is established under his own LLC. We are going to keep the CrossFit business separate from the MMA Institute, probably under a different LLC. Are you doing the same thing, or will you have everything under one LLC?

What about membership contracts? Will you have everything you have to offer on one membership, or will you have a separate membership contract for CrossFit?

Any suggestions you have for us will be appreciated; have you made any mistakes I should be aware of?

I've been getting a lot of help through the Small Business Development Center; working on putting my Small Business Plan together now, my full-time job is gettin' in the way. LOL!

Thanks for your time,

SFC Roger Fracker

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