Pre-SOF Training

By Robert Ord

In LEO/Mil

December 01, 2007

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The operational requirements of the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) continue to demand an increasing number of highly motivated, skilled, educated, and trained military warriors to backfill and replace members of Special Operations Forces (SOF) on the front lines. SOCOM lays out its fundamental guiding principles for personnel in three "SOF Truths":
1) Humans are more important than hardware,
2) Special Operations Forces cannot be mass-produced, and
3) Quality is better than quantity.

Thus developing the right force is a result of selecting the right personnel and preparing them with the best training and equipment possible. That is our mission at U.S Tactical too.

U.S. Tactical is a training center and CrossFit affiliate in Encinitas, California, that acts on SOCOM'S call to duty by reaching out to prospective candidates through our unique Special Warfare/Special Operations Mentor Program. Our mission is to train, motivate, and mentor potential recruits before they enter into one of the U.S. military's elite SOF training pipelines. To accomplish this, we first fully embraced CrossFit by becoming an affiliate and opening our Encinitas CrossFit Center. Then we fused much of the Navy SEAL physical training regimen with CrossFit principles to make a wickedly challenging program that builds the foundation for success at SOF training schools while broadening individuals' confidence in their capabilities. For U.S. Tactical, our mission success is directly linked to the passing rates of those who undergo our rigorous pre-SOF training.

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I think what you are doing is great and much needed. I am in college now and after i graduate in a year i am wanting to get into SOF. Right now i am going to school in daytona beach and am wondering when Your training program at Harbor City CrossFit is going to start taking classes



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