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December 01, 2007

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What is the definition of good running technique? There isn;t one. But why? These are questions that Pose running's founder Dr. Nicholas Romanov has asked since 1979 and that I've been asking, well, since "shin splints" entered my personal lexicon. So what is good running style then?

There are laws that govern us all and there is no changing the way gravity affects us. In every sport the elite all have some things in common: they use gravity to their advantage; they are compact in their movements; and everything is done with almost an effortless approach. How do elite athletes run? If you were stripped of your shoes and asked to run barefoot on the road, would you run the same way as you did with shoes? Why not? Because unless you already run Pose-style, or like Haile Gebrselassie or Michael Johnson, you probably run with your foot landing in a manner that quite destructively sends shock waves up your legs into the ankle, knee, and hip joints. In most cases, your foot will land in front of you (photo 1). Think about this for a second. If a car were traveling down the street would you stick something in front of it to speed it up?

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4 Comments on “The Basics of Pose Running Techniques”


wrote …

I can't wait to get this technique down pat. Been working on it for almost 2 weeks and have seen a huge improvement.


wrote …

As A former U.S Army Drill Sergeant, I found that my troops and I was lacking when it came to a long run. I am vertically challenged so I have always had to struggle between stride and speed. It was not until I got older and still had to hang with the 18 year old recruits did I have to start working on my form. As A Municipality Police Officer now I have been working for years on this exact technique. It was not until joining the CrossFit Community did I find out that the running form actually had a name. Thanks again CrossFit looking forward to reading more about this topic.


wrote …

It did have a name before"Pose", it was called "Chi" running. There is an old book by that name. I learned chi or Pose running 20 years ago after knee surgery. I'm still running strong, but smarter.


wrote …

How can I learn more on this technique? This would benefit me exponentially.

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