Corporate Wellness

By Jeremy Thiel

In CrossFit

January 01, 2008

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As leaders in fitness it is our duty to supply individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to change their lives. There is no better place to influence a large group of people than inside modern-day corporate America.

Many of these hard-working individuals are unhealthy, unhappy, overworked, and have high stress levels. All of these increase a person's likelihood of falling victim to illness as well as negatively affecting the corporation's productivity, morale, and medical costs. Employees' most common excuses for not exercising are that they can't find the time or the money to go to the gym. A corporate "wellness" program defies this mentality by bringing the workout to them, making it a common part of the corporate culture, and increasing employees' overall fitness and wellness.

A healthy lifestyle in a corporate setting will always lead to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and a much more energetic environment. The program, by design, is intended to ameliorate the corporation's, and the employee's, bottom line. It may seem as though starting a corporate wellness program would be a large undertaking, but it is very simple.

At CrossFit Central, we took the structure of our boot camp, which is founded on and utilizes CrossFit, and applied it to the corporate world. Working with large groups of diverse people within our boot camps had given us a glimpse into the future of what we could accomplish with corporate wellness programs. CrossFit

Central's boot camp structure was a result of two years of hitting the pavement. I began by applying Coach Glassman's advice to start with one person and have him invite his friends who, in turn, invited their friends. I planted the seed and watched it grow.



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paul beckwith wrote …

Carolina crossfit has started their corporate wellness program. if anyone has any power point presentations in place could you be so kind and send me a copy.


wrote …

Hi, I'm also looking for presentations and/or other information regarding a corporate wellness program. Would appreciate it if someone could send me some info on this. Thanks!

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