Row Corrections Part 1

By Greg Hammond

In Rowing, Videos

January 01, 2008

Video Article

In this video article, Greg Hammond of Concept2 Rowing coaches the basics of technique on the indoor rowing machine. He works with two quite different CrossFit athletes in front of an audience to demonstrate rowing fundamentals and corrects their various mistakes in real time, with obvious positive results.

The point is clear: Faster rowing doesn't come from faster movement (i.e., higher stroke rate). It is the result, rather, of more power transfer and increased efficiency. In short, better, faster rowing (i.e., increased output) comes from better technique. (Maybe you've heard this argument before, in a few other contexts...?) Hammond and his volunteer models explain some of the specifics of what that really means when you're the one in the seat.

Greg Hammond has worked for Concept2 Rowing for 11 years, most recently as a liaison to the CrossFit community and to fire and police departments and moto/action sports groups. He has a Bachelor's degree in health science and formerly owned and operated a fitness business called Hammond Corporate Wellness. He was a Crash Rescue Firefighter for the Air National Guard for 8 years and was a longtime rugby player until he took up the safer sport of motocross/enduro riding instead. He has used indoor rowing as part of training for his sports for the past 17 years.

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