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Where Is Your Body Weight? The Key to Efficient Movement by Michael Collins - CrossFit Journal

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January 01, 2008

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You may have heard of the Pose method of running. But Pose is not specific to running. It is actually a method of movement that applies to other sports as well. Pose is about learning the fundamental “pose” position of your sport's movement pattern that allows you to harness the natural laws of energy and work with them with your own body and muscles. The key to this is understanding where your body weight is supported, and how forces such as gravity, ground reaction, torque, and buoyancy (in the case of swimming) affect your control of your own body weight as it moves through space (or the water).

Any movement will be more efficient and effective if the muscles “service” where the body weight is going instead of just trying to propel the body. Movement and force go naturally in the direction of the body weight. If you throw a punch at someone but are falling backward, the punch will carry very little power or force. If your mass is falling in one direction, you must get control of your body weight before you can move in another direction. Here are few details of how all this applies to running, swimming, and cycling, the three components of triathlon.

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