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February 01, 2008

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Due to the increasing trend in global radical extremism, the military branches of the U.S. Armed Forces have made a long-term commitment to increasing the size of their Special Operations Forces (SOF). What this means to CrossFit affiliates is that there are an increasing number of individuals across the country who are awaiting the beginning of their training; who eat, sleep, and breathe SOF preparation; and who are hungry for anything that will prepare them for the challenges to come. This, coupled with the escalating spread of CrossFit's presence in military SOF training pipelines and in the physical training (PT) programs of operational units, means there are, and will be, an increasing number of "pre-SOF" trainees at many CrossFit affiliates in the United States.

Review of phase I, "Indoc"

This is the third in a series of articles on pre-SOF training that are designed to provide affiliates with a template for operating a training program for hopeful SOF fighters, as well as anyone else eager to take on full-fledged warrior preparation.
The first four weeks of the Selection component of the program, called "Indoc" (described in detail in the January 2008 issue of the CrossFit Journal) should have met the following training objectives:
Introduction to CrossFit movements and stimulus.
Introduction to conditioning exercises, such as calisthenics and long slow distance (LSD) running and swimming.
Establishment of a cohesive unit, led by an appointed team leader.
Development of "brass ring vision," our first step in developing the warrior spirit.
If everything has gone according to plan, trainees who did not know each other before are now like family, bound by a common goal. They train together and assist each other in areas where one individual might be weak. Like a slight uphill grade, intensity has increased steadily since the beginning of the first week of Indoc, and ample time has been devoted to nutrition, hydration, and recovery.

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